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"When it comes to that final phase of the recording process, my first thought is, "Why in the hell does Ryan Foster/Freq Mastering operate out of Portland and not sunny Santa Monica, Ca.?" Even with this reality, I find it completely worth the extra effort to send my masters to Portland, to get the awesome quality that comes from the commitment to excellence of Ryan at Freq Mastering. But really y'all, I like to get my FREQ. on, like they're givin' away free lap dances along with the mastering services! -- Norwood Fisher Fishbone / Truliodisgracious"

Norwood Fisher -- fishbone

"Ryan is a top of the line mastering king. He can bring your songs to life, and take them to the next level." -- Aaron Abeyta aka Jeffrey Simmons jr aka El Hefe of NOFX

El Hefe -- NOFX

"Ryan has amazing ears. His ability to take mixes to a higher level is unparalleled even compared to "big city" engineers in LA, NY, etc. He brings years of experience working with a very diverse set of clients to the table. I could use anyone to master my projects, even the top guys in LA and NY and I will continue to use Mr. Foster."


"Great--nice guy, awesome work. I heartily recommend him!"

Lars Fox

"I'm petrified of the day that Ryan Foster realizes what a freakin' genius he is, and starts charging L.A. prices. I have used Freq Mastering for all of my musical endeavors for the last 6 years , and I'm staying true . He's fast, he listens, his studio is amazing, (even just to admire design -wise)...on top of that , his prices are SO reasonable . But don't take my word for it . . . just check it out yourself . Do me a favor , though , and don't make a big deal about it in front of Ryan. . .I don't want him to realize WHAT A FREAKIN' GENIUS HE IS." -xoxo Storm Large -- Storm and the Balls

Storm Large

"Ryan's knowledge of the mastering process is amazing, and he's a joy to work with. And he has some of the best ears in the business! The end result is always exactly what I want.”

Doug Smith

"Ryan Foster and Freq Mastering is THE BEST!!! They put that finishing touch on our album that made it sound just like the majors on MTV and BET." -- 1 Ton (Potluck)

1 Ton -- Potluck

"Ryan is a fantastic Mastering Engineer. His work is world class. I would recommend his services to anyone."

Keller Coker

"I've had the opportunity to work with Ryan Foster at FREQ Mastering on a number of projects. The mastering process is the finishing touch that takes the music to the next level. Ryan has a special understanding of this process, he's got great ears, he's easy to work with, is concerned with and listens to what you, the customer, wants. The studio is very comfortable too."

Dan Stueber

"Ryan makes my work sound magical. . ..that's HIS magic at work!"

Mel Kubik

"Ryan's got the killer combination of great ears, great gear, true musicality, and a great sense of humor. I listen to a lot of records and there's nowhere I'd rather trust with mastering my own music than Freq."

Myrrh Larsen

"I have worked with Ryan Foster exclusively and highly recommend him to anyone looking for audio mastering. He has taken recordings from my humble studio and made them sound as if I recorded at Sony Music. He is professional yet down to earth."

Big Lo

"Ryan Foster is by far the best audio engineer I have ever worked with. He has mastered over 5 albums for me and my label and I would not go anywhere else to master a project. The best ears in the business, bar none."

Todd G

"We were looking for the best in a mastering engineer. Someone who would really listen to our music and work with us in the studio to get the sound just right. Ryan has a special skill and it's true what they say about mastering being a black art. He seems to use intuition and experience together the way only the best could. He has excellent ears. They say it's a competitive field but I'd say there's always room at the top -- which is where you'll find Ryan, quiet, humble and very, very good at what he does. He has mastered two albums and a single for us and has done a superb job. Thank you Ryan. . . .. . .. TAUN AENGUS"

Taun Aengus

"Ry-tastic!!! Amazing!

Here's what's freaky good. From an engineering standpoint, I've lived with these tracks for months, in the phase where they're closer than any lover. I know EVERYTHING about them, every damn note. Hell, I tweaked a number of them one at a time in pitch, rhythm, or level (I have the automation lines and cut marks in the Protools sessions to prove it.)

And yet, in this playback, I hear stuff I'd not heard before, plain as day, on the SAME MONITORING SYSTEM. That just ain't natural (in a good way)."

Frank Stearns - Stearns Audio

"I have hired Ryan to master 3 records that I made. I only went to him based on hearing records that he had worked on. I had heard the pre-master and post-master version of 1 specifically. Ryan's judgment was always to keep the integrity of the mix, but he was willing to push the master as loud and distorted as a client wanted it to get. He also worked with me through the mix process listening to versions of the mixes and lending his ears to my projects, on his own time, to make sure that we got the best from the final product that we could get. I look forward to working more with Ryan on future recordings."

Kris Stuart

"Ryan Foster of Freq. Mastering has mastered 10 projects for me over the last 7 years, and I can not say enough about his attention to detail and his work ethic. He makes a point of getting into the music and more importantly he gives you the sound the artist is going after. Hell, he even sent me home after bringing in one of my albums because he thought I could do a better job of mixing it. I challenge anyone to find that kind of relationship between an artist and a mastering engineer. Far too often artists think they need to send their projects to LA or NY to these big houses and spend all this money to master, when one of the best mastering engineers and studio is right here in their backyard, in Portland, with very competitive prices. I can say that after all my projects Ryan has mastered I have noticed the Freq'n difference! and I won't be taking my projects anywhere else." -- Keith Schreiner (Auditory Sculpture, Dahlia, Suckapunch,)"

Keith Schreiner -- auditory sculpture

"Ryan isn't afraid to speak up about his opinion if he knows it is going to make your product a million times better than it already is. He is in this for the music and believes in his ability to rock your album. . .and so do I. Hire him now. . .before he leaves this town for some freaking Southern mecca."

Orianna Herrman -- ORACLE

"Freq is an incredible facility, with a top quality engineer. We have mastered several songs with Freq over the years and the joints always BANG!!! It's dope to work with an engineer who understands how to take the quality of the music to that next level." -- LIFESAVAS


"Working with Ryan was both astonishing and blazingly efficient. The best way I can describe the sound from pre mastering to post mastering is thus: The music is like a really fine lady OK? With a set of perfectly proportioned breasts, well mixed, well produced, full of passion and life, well rounded. Quite perfect really- BUT WAIT- Ryan's mastering is like the advent of the push-up bra, he lifted and separated those gorgeous mammalia so precisely that one could appreciate each in their entirely individuated but perfectly balanced deliciousness. I had no idea mastering with FREQ would make such a profound impact on the sound of the record! I am thrilled! Thank you Ryan, thank you FREQ!" -- Wade McCollum

Wade McCollum

"Ryan offered me a fantastic deal on a mastering service as a first time user, and gave me GREAT final results. I sent him mixes I didn't really feel all that good about and by the time he was done with the master recordings I was so excited I literally cried in joy! He spends a lot of time with his work and isn't some cookie cutter guy who is just trying to get a paycheck. His knowledge of multiple genres of music allow him to bring a specialized touch to whatever you give him to work with, be it rock, pop, hip-hop, country and so on."


"It's such a pleasure to have a world class mastering engineer in this city. We don't need to go to the big cats out of town, there's one here, local. And instead of wasting your money on mastering a poorly mixed product he'll send you back to mix it. Or in my case, he'll send you to me to have it re-mixed. Having worked with Prince is a nice plus too."

Jay Bozich -- King Fader

"Everything I have ever done has always sounded like poop. Then I discovered FREQ mastering, where Ryan turned my poop into gold. One day I will be rich and famous off this music, and I will owe it all to Ryan at FREQ Mastering!" -- DJ. Wicked

DJ. Wicked

"I can say with confidence that my experience at Freq. Mastering was the most satisfying I've ever had while finishing a record. Ryan Foster's attention to detail--along with a clear and immediate understanding of what I was trying to accomplish musically--put my mind at ease as I heard my songs crystallizing before my eyes (and ears). Ryan provided the professional polish I was looking for, while making a few choice suggestions that benefited the flow of the whole album. I highly recommend Ryan Foster and Freq. Mastering to any artist who cares deeply about his music and demands to work only with the best. Ryan has big, big ears, and he WILL deliver for you. It is a true pleasure to work with a mastering expert who strives for excellence in every aspect of his craft. -- Anthony Smith -keyboardist, Karl Denson Trio -bandleader, Trunk Fulla Funk -recording artist, Terrestrial Records "

Anthony Smith -- Anthony Smiths Trunk Fulla Funk

"Ryan is highly experienced, affordable, and has a pro studio. He has mastered two CD's for me and I would recommend him to anyone. He also has a great sense of humor and is fun to work with."


"My tracks had a piano as a lead instrument and since they were recorded digitally, I was concerned with the loss of "warmth" that often is sacrificed on digital formats. Ryan's skill and attention to detail along with the phenomenal studio he has over at FREQ not only gave my music the warmth and sonic punch it was missing but Ryan also became a creative force with his ideas on fade ins/outs that added to the overall production of the cd. I couldn't be more satisfied.”


"Fantastic job as always on mastering our new record. You're the best!"

Michael -- The Very Foundation

"In the stormy sea of bad mastering Ryan "Freq" Foster is the rescue ship's Captain. I never trust my Mastering to anyone else."

Will The Weirdo

"Ryan did outstanding work mastering our record. Outstanding ear for detail, top notch gear, and a very comfortable studio. Worked very efficiently and went above and beyond what was expected."

Steven Dee Williams -- Boogie Bone

"I recorded my entire CD project at my home studio and having an engineering background myself, I had originally planned to master the project on my own to save money. However, I ultimately decided that I should take my project to a professional to get the job done right. I took my project to Freq Mastering and Ryan Foster took my project to the next level. The final product exceeded my expectations. Ryan has amazing ears and he works quickly. Freq Mastering is outfitted with all of the right gear to get the job done right and it's a very stylish and comfortable environment as well. Not only that, but the rates are very reasonable! I can't wait until I have another project to take back to him, because it was truly a pleasure to work with Ryan Foster at Freq Mastering. " -- Mike Theiss

Mike Theiss

"Ryan at Freq mastering was killer to work with. Down to earth guy that knows his shit. After working with him for one day I felt like I had known him for years. He even did research by coming to one of our shows before working with us. Freq mastering is highly recommended By KLEVELAND for professionalism and personal input. Plus his studio is like the PLAYBOY mansion, very plush with a cute receptionist." Thanks Ryan!! Matt -- KLEVELAND


"Freq. mastering has all the sound quality that you ve been waiting for, and trust me, Ryan is the original sound engineer who will make sure that your sound has all the ingredients you want. FREQ. MASTERING! The Best!!!"

Paapa Wastik

"Ryan Foster and Freq. Mastering has always set the bar for audio mastering in the Pacific Northwest. He has handled the mastering duties for Jus Family Records, and has always improved the audio quality of our final mixes with his amazing audio mastering skills. Each and every time that we have taken product to Freq. Mastering the results have been incredible. Let Freq. Mastering add the cherry to the top of your musical sundae." -- Cool Nutz Jus Family Records/Executive Branch Management.

Cool Nutz -- Jus Family Records

"We have mastered two full-length albums and one or two short projects with Ryan Foster at Freq Mastering and we were very happy with the service he provided and with the results of his work. Ryan has great ears and the best equipment and he uses those tools and WORKS WITH YOU to make your music sound as good as you ever hoped it would. As a fan of a wide spectrum of musical styles, Ryan approaches each project from a point of view that ONE SIZE DOES NOT fit all. In closing, Ryan's ears hear frequencies only dogs and aliens can hear. He is a master of nuance. Without a doubt. . . you are in good hands with Freq." -- Scott for Amelia


"Mr. Foster does not mince words and stays true to the music. His ear is the best in the west, and if something doesn't sound good, he won't pander to anyone's ego. His sonic sense is unparalleled. I've mastered all my CD's with Ryan and everyone has its own sparkle and individual sound. FREQ is the only place to master your "masterpiece."

Shannon Day -- The Danaan, Illumine, Purekane, Chanteuse

"When it comes to getting a project mastered, I couldn't see going anywhere else than to Ryan at Freq. Mastering. His work is sound. He is diligent and has an excellent turn around rate. He is flexible when it comes to scheduling and he is what you don't find a lot of anymore, honest. When I first went to Freq, I wasn't sure what I was gonna get for my money. Ryan made me feel comfortable with choosing him to master my album. He not only did his job but answered any questions I had and even went out of his way to explain things I didn't ask about. The album was flawless when he finished. And to this day, I haven't gone anywhere else. I have been working with Ryan for 6 years now and he has completed 4 albums, 5 singles, and 3 snippet projects for me. Ryan and Freq. Mastering definitely get my stamp of approval." D.O.G. CEO of Bow Wow Records And COO of Blockstar Entertainment

MR. D.O.G.

"Ryan is straight up. In a game full of suckas who don't deliver on so many levels, it's important to have a comrade who will tell you what you might not want to hear, but need to. That's the type of trustworthy professionalism I get when I bring my music to freq. to be turned into a product that sounds tight and is commercially viable. That said, Ryan will send my shit back to the lab to be remixed if it sucks. That's alright though because I'm paying him for his opinion and expertise. I'm in four bands and take pride in the music I record and release. I consider freq. mastering to be a valuable part of my team."

Mic Crenshaw -- Mic Crenshaw -- Hungrymob, P-Style, Cleveland Steamers, Suckapunch, Auditory Sculpture

"I would like to thank Ryan of Freq Mastering for helping to make our album shine. Not only does he have the technical acumen and state-of-the-art equipment in a comfortable and professional studio, but more importantly, Ryan achieves what so few engineers and other technical wizards cannot: He made me, as a client, feel at ease, and that I was in complete artistic control of my project, and that I was able to fulfill my vision and have at my side an adept and very capable co-pilot. If I am the mother of my invention, then Ryan is the Midwife helping to birth my project into the world, gently, firmly and with skill and understanding."

Eric Stern -- Vagabond Opera

"Freq. Mastering is our choice! Ryan not only has an exceptional ear and head for music and sound, you won't find a more personable and easy guy to work with. He listens and understands the sound you're looking for, then he makes it way better. . .. . .. . .. . . and he buys the beer!!! How can you ask for more?"

Moonshine Hangover

"Freq Mastering puts the finishing touches on our hip-hop albums and makes them presentable to the public with better than industry standard quality, which is very important to us. Ryan is relaxed, fun to work with and gives us the slump that we need on our projects!"

Lil Fats -- Hi Rollerz Records

"Ryan is a talented Mastering Engineer that pays high attention to detail. His work reflects his passion for quality and his expertise in the field. I look forward to working with Ryan in future projects."

JAZ -- Kold Kut Productions

"Thanks so much for working on our new EP. It sounds fucking amazing. We were literally blown away when we heard the masters last night. xo The Frail"

The Frail

"Ryan is very good at what he does and very affordable. I would recommend and have recommended Ryan since we worked together. All of my future projects will be mastered by Ryan."

Sam Fittipaldi -- Fittipaldi Productions

"Ryan has the magical ability to pull the best sounds out of every track. Whether it be from a home recording or a pro studio. Freq is the best place in town to master. If you care at all about your tunes, discover the freq'n difference. He is great to work with, and a humble man, if I may say so. Ryan, you rock!"

Tobe Anderson -- The Freemartins

"Ryan consistently delivers industry-busting value to the mastering phase of record production. He communicates well, and understands the individual needs of each project. Plus, he's a great guy!"

Mikael Naramore -- Terrestrial Records

"It has been great to work with Ryan Foster. The first experience I had with his work was in 2005 when he mastered the album "Scope" by Eleven Eyes, a band I have worked with since 2002. I worked with him as well on my solo album, "Azul." Ryan impressed me in many ways, particularly with his versatility. In addition to his ability to objectively communicate what options are available at each step throughout the process, he does so in a timely fashion and can offer a simplified explanation to those of us who do not have the same expertise but still need to make decisions. In this way especially, I learned a lot from the experience I had working with him. I look forward to working with him again on future projects."

Mike Pardew

"Ryan Foster came highly recommended to me, and he did not disappoint. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, I really valued the fact that he took a lot of time to delve into the kind of sound I was looking for and even take time to listen to some examples of the kind of sound I had in mind. He was very easy to work with, and I was very happy with the master that he did for me. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an engineer with a great ear, great interpersonal skills, and who delivers an amazing product-all at an exceptional value."

Sean Wagner

"He has always done a top job and isn't influenced by passing trends in his field which is a common pitfall in this business."

Pat Kearns

"I have had three CDs mastered by Ryan and he did a great job on all three. He knows what he is doing and is great to work with. I highly recommend him. He's da man."

JC Tubbs






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